Services/Problems Addressed


Diagnosis and Psychological Assessment: This initial step is crucial for effective treatment. We employ a comprehensive approach to diagnose psychological disorders. This involves standardized rating scales, detailed interviews and history taking. The aim is to accurately identify the specific mental health challenges faced by each patient.

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment: After a precise diagnosis, we focus on a tailored individualized treatment plan, including cognitive behavioral methods.  

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) for Behavior Problems: Especially for patients with behavioral issues, we conduct a thorough FBA. This assessment is essential to understand the underlying causes of behavior problems in both children and adults, thereby guiding more effective treatment strategies.

Ongoing Assessment and Collaboration: Treatment is an evolving process. Regular assessments are conducted to monitor the patient's progress and response to therapy. This ongoing evaluation ensures that the treatment remains focused and effective. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on collaboration between the patient and therapist, fostering a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and enhancing treatment efficacy.

Professional Communication: We also prioritize clear communication among healthcare professionals regarding patient care. This ensures that all involved parties have a consistent understanding of the patient's condition and treatment plan.




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