Psychological diagnosis in Adults


If you or someone you know is dealing with emotional or psychological issues and are looking for a psychologist near Woodbury, NY, Dr. Eberlin is here to help. At Cognitive Behavioral Psychology Services of Long Island, we can help adults dealing with emotional issues stemming from a wide variety of disorders, including:


Although adult life brings many challenges, suffering from psychological issues like anxiety or depression exacerbates these hurdles. Finding ways to handle these challenges through the professional guidance of Dr. Michael Eberlin, a psychologist near Woodbury, NY will help you improve quality of life.


If you think you might be dealing with an undiagnosed mental health problem or are having difficulty coping with the emotional ramifications, Cognitive Behavioral Psychology Services of Long Island, can evaluate you. Once we complete your evaluation, Dr. Eberlin will be able to properly ascertain the best therapy options for you.


Through our individual treatment approach, Dr. Michael Eberlin will provide ongoing assessment through talk therapy, where emotional triggers can be discussed including relationship problems, stress management, grieving, or family problems.  Although every disorder is diagnosed differently, your personalized treatment approach will help you better able to cope emotional triggers as well understand the root cause. Dr. Eberlin, a psychologist near Woodbury, NY,  provides therapy to help adults deal with their psychological diagnosis.


While some mental disorders show up early in childhood, others may go undetected or undiagnosed for years.  In 2015, 23.4 million adults in the United States were diagnosed with a psychological disorder.  Receiving a mental health diagnosis does not need to be the end of the world, and it does not mean there is no hope.  Our psychologist near Woodbury, NY can help you learn how to cope and live with a mental illness, and teach you how to function in society, as mental illness should not define who someone is.

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