Meet Dr. Eberlin: A Distinguished Expert in Psychology

Michael Eberlin, Ph.D (Director)

Educational and Professional Journey

Dr. Eberlin, an alumnus of Rutgers University, embarked on his illustrious career in psychology by earning his doctorate from Hofstra University in 1986. Specializing in Clinical and School Psychology, he received training under the tutelage of leading figures in cognitive and behavioral psychology. For over three decades, Dr. Eberlin has been a licensed Psychologist and a permanently certified School Psychologist.

Professional Achievements and Contributions

Throughout his career, Dr. Eberlin has made significant contributions to the field. He held a pivotal role at the Developmental Disabilities Institute, overseeing the Department of Psychology in both the Division of Children’s Services and the Outpatient Diagnostic and Treatment Center. His research, published in peer-reviewed journals, has been influential in the field. Additionally, Dr. Eberlin has been instrumental in mentoring young psychologists and has extensive experience in educational settings, aiding teachers and participating in numerous Committee on Special Education (CSE) meetings.

Current Practice and Areas of Expertise

Dr. Eberlin currently practices full-time in Oyster Bay and Commack, serving both Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island. His expertise lies in supportive cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and psycho-diagnostic assessment for both adults and children. He is renowned for his comprehensive approach in treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and various behavioral and adjustment issues.

Innovative Approaches and Diverse Experience

Employing cutting-edge cognitive and behavioral techniques, validated by peer-reviewed research, Dr. Eberlin excels in working with children and parents, couples, and families. His methods, which focus on communication, problem-solving, compromise, and negotiation, have proven effective in navigating challenging times and conflicts. Dr. Eberlin's diverse experience allows him to tailor treatment plans to suit the unique needs of individuals and families from varied ages, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

Personal Touch and Specialty Areas

A passionate dog lover, Dr. Eberlin is the proud owner of three English Springer Spaniels. His practice is unique in its pet-friendly approach, encouraging patients to bring their dogs to sessions. He also specializes in pet bereavement, offering dedicated support to those dealing with the loss of a beloved pet.  

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