Diagnosing and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Problems

Parents are most often the first to notice that their child is showing unusual behavior for their age. Parents should always trust their instincts and get their child tested. Unfortunately, not all doctors are familiar with diagnosing Autism and may dismiss the idea which could potentially delay diagnosis and the opportunity for early intervention therapy. Early intervention therapy could highly benefit the child in the long-run. Fortunately, Dr. Michael Eberlin, a Psychologist near Jericho, has advanced knowledge in diagnosing children correctly with Autism and learning disabilities.

How to Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Problems

First Session:

  1. Meet the parents.
  2. Take a full developmental, medical history, and information about the family structure and genetics.
  3. Ask the parents questions about the child’s mental status, behavior in different settings, social behavior, academic ability, and what the child's day looks like.
  4. Have the parent complete various rating scales and diagnostic checklists.

Second Session:

  1. Meet the child with the parent in the room.
  2. Do a clinical interview: a dialogue between psychologist and patient that is designed to help the psychologist diagnose and plan treatment for the patient.
  3. Perform various standardized rating scales, incomplete sentences, a mental exam and behavioral observations.

After Second Session or Third Session:

  1. Meet with the parents only to describe results, findings, diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations.

Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Problems

There is no one treatment that works for every child when it comes to autism or a developmental delay. I can assure you that Dr. Michael Eberlin, a  psychologist near Jericho will be able to help and find the best treatment plan for your child.

If you have any further questions regarding Autism or Developmental Problems you can contact Dr. Michael Eberlin, a Psychologist near Jericho, at (631) 254-2739.

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